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Island Resources Foundation was founded in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1972, dedicated to the premise that islands are special places, with particularly fragile environments and exceptionally vulnerable development options. Our primary geographic focus for over three decades has been the insular Caribbean , and our central mission has been to assist small islands to meet the challenges of social, economic and institutional growth while protecting and enhancing their environments.

The Foundation has contributed to a considerable body of island-specific information and programs that recognize the uniqueness of island conditions, the vulnerabilities of island environments, and the special qualities of island life.

Four program areas comprise the experience base of the Foundation:

Since 2009, a major program thrust of Island Resources Foundation has been the detailed characterization of environmental conditions in the major islands of the British Virgin Islands. The result is a series of island environmental profiles for the major islands of the BVIs, which are modeled on the 8 country environmental profiles that we produced for USAID and UNDP in the 1990's.

See the links at IRF Policy Publications for a detailed list of currently available environmental profiles and related papers, including especially the recent profiles and supplemental and technical addenda for:

Sandy Cay