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Resumes: Lianna Louise Jarecki, Ph.D.


H. Lavity Stoutt Community College
P.O. Box 3097
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
Tel: office: (284) 852-7177; fax: 494-4996; cell: 442-2044
email: ljarecki@hlscc.edu.vg

Born: December 3, 1966
Nationality: U.S.A.
Family: Married; one child


Doctor of Philosophy, 2004
University of Kent at Canterbury, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, United Kingdom.

Diploma of Environmental Management, 1996.
Dresden Institute of Technology, Germany.

Master of Science, 1991
University of Florida, Department of Zoology, Gainesville, Florida.

Bachelor of Science, 1988
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Professional Experience

September '93 - present: Senior Lecturer '95-present; Dept. Head '97; Lecturer '93-'95
H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Paraquita Bay, Tortola
2003 - 2005: Centre for Applied Marine Studies.

I serve as a team supervisor assigned to a new environmental training and research initiative for the Caribbean. Our activities include

1993 - 2005: Natural Sciences Department.

Over the past twelve years, I have:

1991- present (July/August only): Marine Science Program Director.

Guana Island Wildlife Sanctuary, British Virgin Islands

Each summer on Guana Island, one of the BVI's privately owned islands, I:

March - June 1993: Research Associate
The University of Michigan, Radiation Oncology Dept., Ann Arbor, MI
Conducted molecular biology and tissue culture experiments directed at understanding the occurrence of specific gene repeats in tumors.

January - March 1993: Research Associate.
Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville, Victoria, Australia
Conducted a survey of fresh-water invertebrates in Badger Creek, the primary water source for Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary.

August '92 - June '93: Visiting Researcher.
The University of Michigan, Biology Department, Ann Arbor, MI
Investigated techniques for mitochondrial DNA isolation from the freshwater sponge Eunapius fragilis

February - November 1991: Sanctuary Manager and Research Supervisor.
Guana Island Wildlife Sanctuary, BVI

As a partner in a general conservation effort to benefit the native flora and fauna of Guana Island, I worked to

1989 - 1991: Research Assistant
The University of Florida, Department of Zoology, Gainesville, Florida
Performed molecular biology techniques to reveal the DNA sequence of 12S and 16S ribosomal RNA genes in several species of antelope.

January - July 1989: Research Associate
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Kaneohe, Hawaii
Supervised the construction of a shrimp culture system which maintained constant but adjustable temperature and salinity. Carried out growth experiments on juvenile shrimp raised at various temperatures and salinities.

Environmental consulting

2005: Member of an environmental assessment team for the Beef Island Development Project, in which a large hotel, marina and golf course will be constructed.

2005: Environmental impact assessment for a private jetty construction project.

2003: On-site training for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Master in Engineering Program field research component on St. John, USVI

2001-2003: Monitoring water quality in Hodges Creek Lagoon for a residential community.

2001: Baseline water quality assessment of Norman Island Bight, BVI.

2000-2001: Marine water quality investigation for the Conservation and Fisheries Department, BVI Government.

2000: Assessment and recommendations for management of the Codrington Lagoon on Barbuda: Environmental Awareness Group, Antigua and Barbuda

2000: Ecological assessment of mangrove wetland on Sandy Cay for the Island Resources Foundation, BVI

1999: Assessment and recommendations for management of four mangrove lagoons on Antigua for the Environmental Awareness Group, Antigua and Barbuda

1996: Baseline water quality assessment of Paraquita Bay Lagoon, BVI, for the Island Resources Foundation, USVI

1995: Assessment and recommendations for management of donated mangrove wetland on St. Croix, USVI, for the University of the Virgin Islands, USVI

Professional Travel


Conservation Data Center, University of the Virgin Islands: Expert Reservist

Island Resources Foundation, B.V.I. and Washington, D.C.: Affiliated Consultant

The Conservation Agency, Rhode Island: Affiliated Researcher

Teaching Experience

1993 - 2004

Senior lecturer at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College

Environmental Training Courses and Workshops:

1989 - '90 Teaching assistant at The University of Florida

1. Introductory Biological Sciences: Integrated Sequence II

2. Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior


American Red Cross CPR and Emergency First Aid.

Red Cross medic first aid certification

Hyperbaric Chamber Attendant certification from the Jerome Johns Hyperbaric Facility at

Shands Hospital, The University of Florida.

NSS cavern diving certification

PADI divemaster Scuba certification

Radiation Safety Certification for use of radioactive chemicals in the laboratory, from the

Radiation Control program, Biotechnology Center, University of Florida.

Language Skills

English: fluent (first language)

German: conversational

Spanish: basic but becoming conversational

Professional Service

H. Lavity Stoutt Community College:

Strategic Planning Committee, chairman 2005

National Science Foundation (U.S.): student advisor for the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, 2001

Worldwide Young Researchers of the Environment: international representative and student advisor, 2000

Environmental Management Training Advisory Committee, member

HLSCC Public Lecture Series: founder and coordinator since 1993

Student Nature Club and Sailing Club: faculty advisor 1996 - 2001

Internal Academic Committee: member, 1996

Strategic Planning Committee: member, 1995

BVI general:

National Science Fair Judging Committee, member 2002 and 2005

Trustees of the BVI National Parks Trust: secretary/treasurer, since 1999, also member of the National Parks Trust Finance Committee since 1994

Association of Reef Keepers: member 1998 - 2004

Airport Development Environmental Advisory Committee: 2000 - 2003

Virgin Islands Search and Rescue: member

Dresden Institute of Technology

Elected course speaker: coordinated social activities of course participants, a group of 22 from 19 different developing countries, worldwide. (1996)

Support for Research and Training Programs

1991-2005 The Conservation Agency, Rhode Island, and The Falconwood Corp., NY

Guana Island Marine Science Program

1998 Society of Wetland Scientists

Student travel award for annual scientific meeting

1997 & 1999 University of Kent at Canterbury

Purchase of research equipment for salt pond ecology studies

1996 United Nations Environmental Program/United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation/Bundesumweltministerium

Fellowship award for postgraduate studies in Environmental Management.

1995 Organisation of University Studies/U.S. Aid for International Development

Development Training Grant

Marine Protected Areas Development, Montserrat National Trust

1994 Organisation of University Studies/U.S. Aid for International Development

Development Training Grant

Natural Resource Management Training Program for OECS region

1994 The BVI Rotary Club

Coral Reef Management Training Course, Scholarship fund

1993 The Conservation Agency, Rhode Island

Hypersaline Pond Monitoring Program

1990 Division of Sponsored Research, The University of Florida

Graduate Research Assistantship


Wetlands Education Workshop, BVI, 2005 (invited)

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, February, 2003 (contributed)

BVI Fisheries Research and Marine Environment Mini-symposium, International Center for Living Aquatic Resource Management, BVI, March, 2002 (invited).

Universite Littorale, Calais, France. One-day seminar for MSc students, May, 2001 (invited)

Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., September, 2000. Departmental lecture series (invited).

Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference, St. Thomas, May, 1999. Organized by the Eastern Caribbean Center, University of the Virgin Islands (invited)

Society of Wetland Scientists, Anchorage, Alaska, June, 1998 (contributed)

University of Greenwich. United Kingdom. One-day seminar for MSc course in natural resource management. November, 1997 (invited).

Conference on Communicating Biodiversity Conservation Messages, Belize, August, 1997. Organised by the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center in collaboration with Wildlife Preservation Trust International. (invited)

Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, June, 1995 (invited)

Society of Systematic Biology, Hilo, Hawaii, July 1991 (contributed)

Regional Symposium on Public and Private Cooperation in National Park Development, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, August 1991 (invited)


Jarecki, Lianna, 2004. Salt Ponds of the British Virgin Islands: Investigations in an unexplored ecosystem. Ph.D. thesis, University of Kent at Canterbury. 183 pp.

Jarecki, L., S.M. Burton-MacLeod and D.J. Garbary, in review. Biodiversity and ecology of algal mats from hypersaline ponds in the British Virgin Islands (Caribbean Sea). Submitted to Algae.

Jarecki, Lianna, 1999. A review of salt pond ecosystems. Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Virgin Islands Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference-A Commitment to Clean Water. Henry H. Smith and Althea Elliott, eds. St. Thomas, USVI. Pp. 40-53.

Jarecki, Lianna, 1998. The 'good' side of tourism development on small island resorts. Ecos, 19(1), pp. 53-64

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Jarecki, Lianna and J.D. Lazell Jr., 1987. Zur Grosse und Dichte einer Population von Lepidactylus lugubris in Aiea, Hawaii (Sauria: Gekkonidae). Salamandra. 23: 176-178.

Lazell, James D. Jr. and L. Jarecki, 1985. Bats of Guana, British Virgin Islands. American Museum of Natural History: Novitates. 28: 1-7.