Yearly Archives: 2008

It's the Coast, Stupid

THE UNIQUE QUALITY of small islands is a high ratio of coastal length to total land area (i.e., lots of coastline for a relatively small area). Coastal environmental processes are absolutely vital to marine ecosystems, and to the protection of ter… [Read more]

Re-Writing History the USGS Way:

USGS, the Hero of Hurricane Katrina … Rita, Dennis and Wilma, too . . . This press release, quoted in its entirety at the bottom of this essay — Couple of dyspeptic thoughts: After the storms, scientists used satellite imagery coupled with geogra… [Read more]

More Blues for the Bluefin

[The following is from an e-mail distributed by Carl Safina’s Blue Ocean Institute. Seems to me this is a message we really need to publicize for the JAPANESE . . . one-fourth of the samples taken by the Times from NY City sushi restaurants were a… [Read more]

Alister Hughes Birthday, 1919, and Caribbean Man

[This from the e-mail group and web site at January 21st is Alister’s birthday. Sometime this year we hope to see the posthumous release of Alister’s memoir and history of the Grenadan revolution. ] CARIBBEAN MAN by Aliste… [Read more]

Too Much Useless [Oil] Talk, Not Enough Development

[I’ve been working in overseas development programming since I went to Chile as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1964. Over the past five years I’ve had conversations along the line of the attached valedictory from a dozen or more committed, experienced… [Read more]

News Flash: Unwise Development Kills

I wonder if there’s any correlation between building in silly, unsafe, environmentally dangerous places, and the frequency that concrete trucks flip over and kill people? Does that suggest there are additional painful consequences of approving unw… [Read more]