The Island-Focused Mission of IRF

Island Resources Foundation is a non-profit research and education operating foundation dedicated to assisting the people of small tropical islands to plan and manage sustainable development opportunities while protecting the environmental qualities and unique human cultures and institutions that evolve in island settings.

Special emphases for IRF include:

  • Building leadership, environmental professionalism, and institutional infrastructure for local non-profit, non-governmental organizations;
  • Supporting coastal and marine ecoregion management, with special attention to developing innovative watershed-scale decision tools to preserve the coral reefs and coastal wetlands that are the essential framework for marine productivity and island biodiversity.
  • Adapting science and technology to the management of insular environmental issues, including especially biodiversity conservation, environmental monitoring and assessment technologies; modern networking technologies, database management systems, and geographic information systems

In presenting its history and competencies, we have followed the model first developed by Ed and Judith Towle in the 1970’s, dividing  Island Resources Foundation’s activities into the four themes listed below. In addition, we have listed the publications and specific projects, going back to 1972, under each of these themes. Finally, the e-mail groups still being supported as part of the Foundation Legacy are listed on this downloadable document.

Environmental Policy & Law

Environmental Planning

Resource Protection

Institutional Development