Program Associates and Interns

For most of its history, Island Resources maintained a floating list of approximately 75 Program Associates who were available for short-term assignments to support Foundation projects in small tropical islands around the world. Program Associates were required to have both outstanding technical skills and significant working experience in small tropical islands.

This interdisciplinary rooster of affiliated Associates augmented the size and scope of IRF’s core staff and helped to expand the reach and opportunities available for IRF’s ongoing work.

Additionally, beginning in 1973, Island Resources Foundation launched a program of sponsored Internships, successfully placing over 50 student interns principally from North American and Caribbean academic institutions.  IRF interns (primarily at a graduate-student level) were generally assigned to the Foundation’s offices in St. Thomas, Tortola, Antigua, and Washington, DC, although more than a dozen interns were also placed with IRF institutional partners in the Caribbean, primarily environment-focused NGOs.

Each internship was designed to provide a specialized non-formal educational and training experience for participants, and — in the case of interns placed with the Foundation’s NGO partners — the assignments augmented the programs of participating Caribbean institutions.

The following is a listing of IRF’s Program Associates during the organization’s final years, linked to recent CVs for those who requested that we post them.  Following this listing is a summary of the Interns who were associated with IRF from 1973-2004.



Mr. Donald M. Anderson: watershed management/USA
Mr. John Barnes: fisheries/Bermuda
Mr. Stephen Bass: environmental policy/UK
Dr. James Beets: marine ecology/USA
Dr. Barry Blake: resource management/UK
Mr. Ralf Boulon: natural resource management/US Virgin Islands
Mr. David Brower: coastal growth management/USA
Ms. Jessica Brown: international development/USA
Mr. Warren Brown: park planning/USA
Mr. Paul Butler: wildlife conservation/UK
Dr. Gillian Cambers: oceanography/Australia
Mr. Costas Christ: ecotourism development/USA
Mr. Brian Cooper; resource manager and planner/Antigua
Ms. Gillian Cooper; island systems analyst/London
Ms. Alissandra Cummins: museum development/Barbados
Mr. Henrique Pinto da Costa: NGO development/São Tomé
Dr. Michael Downs: social impact assessment/USA
Dr. Random DuBois: development planning/Switzerland and Brasil
Dr. Karen Eckert: endangered species/USA
Dr. Patrick Fairbairn: wildlife biology/USA
Mr. Thomas Fox: international development/USA
Dr. John Gamman: environmental policy/USA
Mr. Lloyd Gardner: resource planning/Jamaica and USVI
Mr. Jose Garnham: public administration/USA
Mr. John Garrison: NGO development/USA
Ms. Virginia Garrison: Coral Reef Ecology/USA
Ms. Tighe Geoghegan: NGO development/UK
Dr. Melvin Goodwin: marine ecology/USA
Mr. David Grigg Sr.: marine biology/US Virgin Islands
Ms. Jan Hartman: public diplomacy/USA
Dr. Bruce Hatcher: fisheries/Canada
Dr. Bruce Horwith: plant ecologist/USA
Dr. Dennis Hubbard: geology/USA
Dr. Michael Ivie: conservation biology/USA
Mr. Ivor Jackson: environmental planning/Antigua
Dr. Lianna Jarecki: marine resources management/BVI and USA
Ms. Meghan Jeans: environmental law/USA
Mrs. Eleanor Jones:  environmental planning/Jamaica
Ms. Gail Karlsson: environmental law/US Virgin Islands
Dr. David Lee: environmental management/Jamaica
Dr. Lee MacDonald: watershed management/USA
Dr. Robin Mahon: fisheries/Barbados
Ms. Christine McCoy: environmental education/waste management/USA
Mr. Jeff Miller: marine biology/US Virgin Islands
Mr. Louis Mills: landscape planning/USA
Dr. Maynard Nichols: marine geology/USA
Dr. Leonard Nurse: coastal resources/Barbados
Dr. Michael O’Neal: sustainable development/British Virgin Islands
Ms. Julie Overing: marine biology/USA
Mr. Jim Owens: park planning/USA
Mr. Clive Petrovic: marine biology/British Virgin Islands
Dr. Elizabeth Pierson: zoology/USA
Dr. LaVerne Ragster: science and higher education /US Virgin Islands
Dr. William Rainey: wildlife biology/USA
Dr. Anne Reilly: tropical plant ecology/USA
Mr. Yves Renard: community-based management/St. Lucia
Dr. Caroline Rogers: coral reef ecology/US Virgin Islands
Mr. William Rohring: coastal zone management, GIS/USA
Mr. Rob Sampson: watershed hydrology and ecology/USA
Mr. Adrian Schottroff: hydrology/USA
Henry “Hank” Tonnemacher, Environmental Biologist/US Virgin Islands
Mr. George Tyson: West Indian history/US Virgin Islands
Mr. C. Ross van Horn: policy analysis and training/Kenya
Ms. Karen Varnham: wildlife ecology, invasives control/UK
Dr. Jan Vermeiren coastal development planning/USA
Mr. Richard Volk: coastal planning/USA
Mr. Roy Watlington: oceanography and seismology/US Virgin Islands
Mr. Werner Wernicke: civil engineering/US Virgin Islands
Dr. Paul Wilkinson: tourism policy and planning/Canada
Ms. Julie Wright: pollution control/US Virgin Islands


[Intern/Date/Academic Base/Internship Focus/Location]

John McEachern: 1973/Cornell University/Island Environmental Planning/ USVI
Jonathan Blum: 1974/Tufts University/Historic Sites Inventory/St. Kitts-Nevis
Charlotte Freize: 1974/Tufts University/Historic Sites Inventory/St. Kitts-Nevis
Christopher Howell: 1975/University of Florida/Tourism Carrying Capacity/BVI
James Dobbin: 1976/Harvard University/Coastal Zone Planning/USVI
Lucy Foster: 1976-77/Estuarine Ecology/USVI
Ricardo Boyce: 1976-79/Photography/USVI
Costas (Gus) Christ: 1979/School for International Training/Wildlife Conservation/USVI
Michael Ivie: 1979/Ohio State University/Entomology/USVI
Peter May: 1979/Cornell University/Small-scale Enterprise Development/Dominica
Lou Borie: 1979/University of Michigan/Land Use Planning/USVI
Daven Joseph: 1983/University of Rhode Island/Biosphere Reserves/USVI
Ken Andrasco: 1984/Yale University/Coastal Barrier Assessment/Puerto Rico and USVI
Betsy McGean: 1984/Yale University/VI Biosphere Reserve/USVI
Rebecca Rudman: 1984/Cornell University/Feral Animal Research/USVI
Ian Jones: 1986-88/University of the Virgin Islands/Natural Resources Management Database/USVI and St. Lucia
Harry Upton: 1987/University of Rhode Island/Longline Fisheries Impact/USVI and Anguilla
Gregory Whittaker: 1988/Texas A&M University/Marine Archaeology/USVI
Sherri Furlott: 1988-89/American University/Community Development/St. Vincent
Mary Verner: 1990/Yale University/Park System Planning/USVI
Erin Kellogg: 1990/Yale University/Environmental Profile Project/Nevis
Terry Hughes: 1990/Cornell University/NGO Institutional Development/Antigua
Anne Hughes: 1990/Michigan State University/Agroforestry/Antigua
Brad Walters: 1990/Dalhousie University/Community-based Resource Management/St. Lucia
Craig Olson: 1991/Cooperstown Graduate Program/Museum Exhibit Design/Nevis
Kate Irvine: 1991/Atlantic Center for the Environment/Environmental Education/Barbados
Kate Lance: 1992/Yale University/Mangrove and Salt Pond Survey/USVI
Malcolm Cullen: 1992/Heriot-Watt University (Scotland)/Oil Spill Contingency Planning/USVI
Linda Grober: 1992/Duke University/Biodiversity/St. Kitts
Kathleen Strub: 1992/University of Texas/Coastal Zone Planning/USVI
Elizabeth Subin: 1993/School for International Training/Environmental Profile Project/Anguilla
Leah Bunce: 1993/Duke University/Coral Reef Protection/Antigua
Rosemary Delaney: 1994/University of the West Indies-Barbados/Coastal Wetlands/Montserrat
Don Anderson: 1994/Colorado State University/Erosion Control/USVI
Marci Bortman: 1994/University of New York-Stony Brook/Waste Management/USVI
Christine MCoy: 1994/Loisiana State University/Waste Management/USVI
Heather Milton: 1995/University of Wisconsin/Community Planning/USVI
Rob Sampson: 1996-97/Colorado State University/Erosion Control/USVI
Mary Burns: 1996/University of Texas/Disaster Preparedness Planning/USVI-Antigua-Montserrat
James St. Hilaire: 1999/University of the Virgin Islands/Sediment Reduction Study/USVI
Jimena Arenas: 1999/Harvard University/Marine Protected Areas Planning/San Andres Islands
Lori Tesolin: 1999/OCOD-Canada/GIS for Development Planning/BVI
Wolfram Dressler: 1999-2000/OCOD-Canada/GIS for National Park Planning/BVI
Deo Cephas Minigou: 2000/University of Iowa/International Resource Development/BVI
Meghan Jeans: 2001/Vermont Law School/Environmental Legislation/BVI
Joy Calabrese: 2001/Lund University (Sweden)/GIS for Sustainable Development/BVI
Noni Georges: 2004/University of the West Indies/Environmental Law and National Parks/BVI