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World Bank Includes Marine Environmental Indicators in annual "Little Green Data Book for 2012"

The marine indicators may make the data from this major annual report more useful to islands. [Read more]

The April Newsletter of the Antigua-Barbuda Historical and Archeological Society

The Newsletter of the Historical and Archeological Society of Antigua-Barbuda — The document below can be read on-line or downloaded. [Read more]

Limits to Development or “Do We Need a ‘Steady State Economy?”

The particular case of St. Marten; Sint Maarten, from the Green Antilles blog of Therese Yarde at Sint Maarten: Paradise in Peri [Read more]

Non-sustainable tourism in Puerto Rico- A new publication, on-line.

Below is a link to a new paper co-authored by IRF associates Edwin Hernandez-Delgado (UPR) and Carlos Ramos-Scharron (UT-Austin) with colleagues from Puerto Rico (UPR-Env. Sciences, UPR-Env. Health, and several NGO’s). [Read more]

Global Biodiversity Research in Sao Tome e Principe by California Academy of Sciences

For the past 10 or 11 years, Robert Drewes, Ph. D., of the California Academy of Sciences has been leading a series of expeditions to survey the incredible (and previously incompletely analyzed) biological diversity of the islands of Sao Tome and … [Read more]

The Role of Natural History Museums in Promoting and Achieving Sustainability

This article from the current edition of “Outreach” by Felix Dodds’s Stakeholder Forum for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. [Read more]


The small, ecologically sensitive island of Culebra is celebrating news of a recent appellate court victory against the Puerto Rico Planning Board’s approval of a dense tourism mega-development, already impacting pristine Caribbean coastline currently protected by a special, low density zoning. [Read more]

Recent publication: Erosion Mitigation Approach for Coral Reef Protection

Here is a link to the open access publication by InTech Publications, by Island Resources Programme Associate Carlos Ramos, Ph. D., and Associate Edwin Hernández-Delgado.An Interdisciplinary Erosion Mitigation Approach for Coral Reef Protection – … [Read more]

Important Report Re: EIAs in Bermuda and other UK Overseas Territories

February 10th of this year in Hamilton, Bermuda, the Bermuda Ombudsman, Ms. Arlene Brock, issued a long report, Today’s Choices- Tomorrow’s Costs, detailing the case that Bermuda is bound to use a formal Environmental Impact Assessment process, in… [Read more]

Early Caribbean Maps: A Research Collection

Bill Found, Professor Emeritus of Geography at York University [Canada], sent us the following message — below his note I have copied the text of the introductory page at the referenced URL.I’ve been visiting world libraries over the past 30 year… [Read more]