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Mangroves Can Cope with Sea Level Rise by Increasing Soil Height

[From a post by the Washington Office of IUCN, to the DC Marine Conservation e-mail group]                  30-Jul-2013  A new report by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International shows that mangroves can adapt … [Read more]

Sea Level Rise in South Pacific Atolls

Late last year, Dr. Arthur Webb of the Pacific Island Applied Geoscience Commission made a presentation on Atoll shoreline response to sea level rise over the last 50 years – Pingelap & Mokil Atolls, FSM (Federated States of Mictronesia). [Read more]

Sea Level Rise: Important Article in NewScientist, July 2009

These reports are both a good reference, and AN IMPORTANT REMINDER that we need to feature future SEA LEVEL RISE issues in all of our reports. [Read more]