Yearly Archives: 2007

Reason #7,234: Why Democracy Never Works

Fisheries ministers of the 27 countries of the European Union had their traditional all-night pre-Christmas bargaining session on Tuesday night to assign catch quotas for the region’s beleaguered fisheries. [Read more]

Scientists figure how to measure biodiversity in the most efficient way

[Wonder if this works for the special characteristics (?) of island biodiversity??? bp] from Journal Watch of the Society for Conservation Biology [Read more]

Climate Change and Conflict

Climate change and conflict have gone hand-in-hand for the past 500 years, a study reveals.It is the first time that a clear link between war and changing global temperatures has been identified in historical data, according to the researchers involved. [Read more]

Financial Realities for Caribbean Environmental NGOs in 2007

The high water mark for independent, community-based institutional support for environmental conservation or natural resources management in the wider Caribbean may have occurred a decade or more ago. The sums allotted to conservation were greater… [Read more]

Government Busy Elsewhere while Invasives Take Over After Katrina . . . .

New satellite imaging has revealed that hurricanes Katrina and Rita produced the largest single forestry disaster on record in the nation — an essentially unreported ecological catastrophe that killed or severely damaged about 320 million trees in Mississippi and Louisiana. [Read more]

Resources for open source mapping — especially community participation

[As far as I’m concerned, the effective transformation of community knowledge to mapped information resource a vital need in most community development work. The resources developed by Giacomo Rambaldi under the IAPAD and PPGIS marks are OUTSTANDI… [Read more]

Sperm Whales — Back from the Abyss, with David Attenborough

The series NATURE on public television has a new one-hour show about sperm whales: Sperm Whales — Back from the Abyss, with David Attenborough. The broadcast schedule on WETA in the Washington DC area is Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 8 p.m., and… [Read more]

Conservationists Mailing Trees to One Another

This morning Kathryn Kohm, the editor of Conservation Magazine sent me a three+ page invitation to subscribe to her magazine at a relatively attractive rate. No option to pay by credit card, and — worse — no option to sign up for the subscriptio… [Read more]

Environmental Impact Statements Need Financial Teeth

One of the criteria for approving a resort development on small islands is — or should be — the economic viability of a project. In 40 years of observing development projects around the Caribbean, and other island areas, it is clear that even wo… [Read more]

Environmental News Bulletin. . . . a great service

The Canadian environmental Non-governmental Organization IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development) has a division (ENB — I think that means Environmental News Bulletin) that only writes up reports about what goes on at all of the… [Read more]