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Research Study: Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Coastal Zone Management in the US Virgin Islands

Over the past year we have been consulting with some of the students in the graduate School of Forestry of Yale University on some papers that were written as a product of their field visit to the United States Virgin … [Read more]

New Erosion and Reef Impact Study in Coral Bay Watershed, St. John, USVI

[Below is an excerpt from Dr. Carlos Ramos’s faculty blog at the University of Texas <> about the kick-off for this new project. Carlos is IRF’s Program Coordinator for the Effects of Land Use on Soil Erosion and Marine Habitats.] In … [Read more]

Mangroves Can Cope with Sea Level Rise by Increasing Soil Height

[From a post by the Washington Office of IUCN, to the DC Marine Conservation e-mail group]                  30-Jul-2013  A new report by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International shows that mangroves can adapt … [Read more]

Patricia Turpin Selected for 2013 Euan P. McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award

On June 19th, 2013, Judith Ann Towle, founding vice president of Island Resources Foundation and chair of the selection committee for the Euan McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award, announced that Ms. Patricia J. Turpin, president of Environment Tobago, would be 2013’s beneficiary of … [Read more]

Why is Facebook Important and What Should Island NGOs Do About it

The attached slide show provides useful information for local NGO leaders who wonder, “Will participating in Facebook will help us be more competitive?” in a world where the mega-NGOs are hoovering up ever larger shares of voluntary contributions from local … [Read more]

Large Female Tiger Shark in Anguilla

from The Anguillian TIGER SHARK CAUGHT OFF CAPTAIN’S BAY Published by anguillian on March 22, 2013 [Tiger shark being pulled to shore at Island Harbour bay (picture caption)] It does not happen very often but when it does, it creates … [Read more]

Virgin Islands is now part of a GPS Observational Network

Department of Disaster Management (DDM) – Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 12:05 PM The Virgin Islands is now part of a Continuously Operating Caribbean Global Positioning System Observational Network, which will aid in the monitoring, understanding and prediction of earthquakes, … [Read more]

Huffington Post on Lemurs: speech by Russell Mittermeier, pres. Conservation International

Madagascar is one of the world’s most heavily impacted countries in terms of recent habitat destruction, and its globally unique species are sending us an urgent warning. Nearly 90 percent of its natural vegetation has already been lost, and erosion on the island is severe. [Read more]