Yearly Archives: 2012

New Plant Species Discovered on Anegada

Attached please find a press release from Island Resources Foundation (IRF) concerning the discovery of a new plant species on Anegada.  The discovery was made by two IRF researchers carrying out field studies for the Anegada Environmental Profile. The release … [Read more]

Global Perspectives on Biodiversity

The report presented below reports on global survey results from a coordinated global data collection effort held on September 15th, 2012, in advance of the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Hyderabad, India … [Read more]

Data Visualization: An Essential Skill for the 21st Century

The only way that we’re going to be able to cope with the tera-bytes (and up) of data that are now accessible to anyone with a laptop is to design and apply better data visualization tools. The source of all … [Read more]

Debt for Nature Swaps: A New Conservation Tool in the Eastern Caribbean

I still haven’t figured how Debt-for-Nature swaps work, but they obviously will be a key funding instrument for the nascent Caribbean Challenge, which will be a new experience for the Eastern Caribbean (OECS, more or less) SIDS — Jamaica and … [Read more]

Pictures of Invasive Lemongrass-stimulated Fires in Antigua

On the SIRMM Facebook page, Ruleta Camacho posted these scary photos of the massive fires that swept through much of the middle ground areas of the Body Ponds watershed in Antigua. [Read more]

Destruction of wetlands — St.Kitts

The island of St.Kitts has several large ponds & wetlands which support a variety of different species and is rich in biodiversity. One of the main ponds at Half Moon Bay is now threatened with construction by investors. [Read more]

Dr. Michael O’Neal, Senior Research Fellow , Publishes Book on BVI Social History

Dr. Michael O’Neal is Senior Research Fellow at Island Resources Foundation and former President of H. Lavity Stoutt Community College at in the British Virgin Islands. Dr. O’Neal’s monograph on Virgin Islands social history, entitled Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism: Social Transformations … [Read more]

Another Honor for Euan McFarlane Award Winner, Diana McCaulay

Thanks to Caribbean Environmental Reporters Network for pointing us to for word of Diana McCaulay’s Commonwealth Caribbean award for her recent short story, “The Dolphin Catcher”:Jamaica Cops Commonwealth Regional PrizesTan… [Read more]

International trade drives biodiversity threats in developing nations

from Nature:Letters (which suggests the article is not fully peer-reviewed), information about a very important study that illustrates the direct links between globalization and threats to biodiversity and important habitats. [Read more]

Stanford U. Documents Land-Sea Ecosystem Linkages

An interesting study that provides rigorous proof of a truism for those of us who live in and study small islands: land and sea systems are closely linked. [Read more]