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Human Impacts on Oceans

Human activities have strongly impacted 41% of the world’s oceans and have left only about 4% of their surface area relatively pristine, according to the first-ever global map of human impact upon the oceans. [Read more]

It's the Coast, Stupid

THE UNIQUE QUALITY of small islands is a high ratio of coastal length to total land area (i.e., lots of coastline for a relatively small area). Coastal environmental processes are absolutely vital to marine ecosystems, and to the protection of ter… [Read more]

Re-Writing History the USGS Way:

USGS, the Hero of Hurricane Katrina … Rita, Dennis and Wilma, too . . . This press release, quoted in its entirety at the bottom of this essay — Couple of dyspeptic thoughts: After the storms, scientists used satellite imagery coupled with geogra… [Read more]

Climate Change and Conflict

Climate change and conflict have gone hand-in-hand for the past 500 years, a study reveals.It is the first time that a clear link between war and changing global temperatures has been identified in historical data, according to the researchers involved. [Read more]