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Judith Towle’s Remarks on Presenting the Tortola Environmental Profile

This is the presentation by Judith Towle, founding Vice President of Island Resources Foundation and Director of the four-island Environmental Profile Programme for the British Virgin Islands,  as presented at the Tortola Profile Launch Ceremony in the J.R. O’Neal Botanic … [Read more]

Oil Nut Bay Development

From the BVI Standpoint, June 2009 … approval for development was given in the early 2000s to the Hendersons, the original developers, before EIAs were required under the 2004 Physical Planning Act. The original plan called for a “simple low densi… [Read more]

Too Much Useless [Oil] Talk, Not Enough Development

[I’ve been working in overseas development programming since I went to Chile as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1964. Over the past five years I’ve had conversations along the line of the attached valedictory from a dozen or more committed, experienced… [Read more]