Yearly Archives: 2010

LAC Regional Biodiversity Initiative Report

Kate Brown, the Global Island Partnership coordinator points out this report by IISD on the April consultation on UNDP’s Latin America and Caribbean BIODIVERSITY Initiative. If the attachment does not pass through all of the e-mail systems, it can… [Read more]

Grenadines MarSIS – Google Earth Workshops

The Grenadines Marine SIS that has been put together by Kimberly Baldwin and dozens of local residents of the Grenadines (Windward Islands, Eastern Caribbean — split between St. Vincent and Grenada) is a very impressive piece of work — links in … [Read more]

Language of Conservation: Persuasive Vocabulary and the other kind

Language to live by — or at least to fund raise and stimulate action:– Island Resources Foundation — 38 Years of Environmental Service to Small Tropical Islands [Read more]

Wall Street Journal profile of Dr. Henry Jarecki

Wall Street Journal profile of Dr. Henry Jarecki [Read more]

Caribbean birds featured in ZiNG magazine!

from the e-mail group of the Society for Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB — formerly the Society for Caribbean Ornithology). Check the website listed in Lisa’s message below for membership information. [Read more]

Report on 13th Annual REEF CHECK Assessment of 8 Reefs in the British Virgin Islands

For the seventh year, a group of eight volunteer divers from the UK, Japan, Turkey and US, gathered in the VI for Reef Check BVI´s 13th annual reef survey and training programme which surveyed four sites each between April and May. [Read more]

2009 Annual Report

Judith Towle has produced another of her great Annual Reports. [Read more]

Oil Nut Bay Development

From the BVI Standpoint, June 2009 … approval for development was given in the early 2000s to the Hendersons, the original developers, before EIAs were required under the 2004 Physical Planning Act. The original plan called for a “simple low densi… [Read more]

Global Biodiversity Outlook, with special reference to small islands

Global Biodiversity Outlook, with special reference to small islands [Read more]

Erosion and Sediment Controls on Tortola, NOT. . .

[This message copied from Lianna Jarecki today. . . . ] Dear Todd, Freeman, others…. From my vantage point at Mount Healthy today there is a tongue of brown water extending from every ghut, big and small, on the north side of Tortola. This is di… [Read more]