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Research Study: Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Coastal Zone Management in the US Virgin Islands

Posted on November 27, 2013

Over the past year we have been consulting with some of the students in the graduate School of Forestry of Yale University on some papers that were written as a product of their field visit to the United States Virgin Islands during the summer of 2012. One of those students, Marissa Knodel, produced a research paper on The Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency Into Coastal Zone Management in the U.S. Virgin Islands 

That paper is available below and includes an executive summary, appendix of useful resources, and contact information for Ms. Knodel on the title page. She has agreed to share this paper with us in the hope that readers will find the paper to be informative, useful, and perhaps the foundation for future work or collaboration.

Feel free to contact Ms. Knodel at the Gmail address in the paper if you have any questions or comments about her study.

Knodel 2013_Integrating Climate Adaptation & CZM in USVI

Contact Information:

Marissa Knodel
E-mail: <>

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