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Destruction of wetlands — St.Kitts

Posted on June 29, 2012

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Dear All,
I hereby request your advice and input.

The island of St.Kitts has several large ponds & wetlands which support a variety of different species and is rich in biodiversity. One of the main ponds at Half Moon Bay is now threatened with construction by investors.

An Environmental Impact Study (EIA) has just been authorized by the Department of the Environment, but the study has started by the bulldozing a large dirt road straight through the pond. It appears that the investors need to test the depth of the mud so they can determine the length of the piles that are needed when they fill in about one-half of the pond and start construction. What kind of EIA is that? They destroy the environment to determine if/how their development is going impact the same environment!

Several of us have started a campaign against the destruction of this wetland area.

As an avid birder and concerned environmentalist, I have been invited on live local radio next Wednesday morning to fight our case and air our views.

While I am undertaking reasonable research on the internet on the impact the destruction of wetlands will have on our ecosystems, any input and advice would be greatly appreciated. Not only the arguments on the negative effects of the destruction, but social, ethical and moral input would really help.

For more information on this story, this article appeared on the local paper a few days ago

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Michael H. Ryan

Bird Enthusiast.



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