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Conservationists Mailing Trees to One Another

Posted on November 15, 2007

This morning Kathryn Kohm, the editor of Conservation Magazine sent me a three+ page invitation to subscribe to her magazine at a relatively attractive rate.No option to pay by credit card, and — worse — no option to sign up for the subscription on-line, saving postal shoe leather and trees in the process.Now, I understand that given our imperfect knowledge of how to reach different audiences, it might be necessary to market to me (or my cohort) via snail mail, but I really do NOT understand why in this day of $3 gasoline and global warming panic, why my response should not be encouraged electronically?Of course, the whole four-page pitch also fails to mention any link to the electronic version of the magazine? Maybe I’m just on the “troglodyte list” — inherited from Colliers magazine or something and never to be intimidated with electronic talk.

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