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Marine Science Month on Guana and the Kids Week Program

Posted on January 9, 2012

Lianna Jarecki has just distributed the two reports that follow, which should both be of interest to Island Resource Foundation’s members and supporters:

Dear All,
Please see the two reports attached.  The first summarizes and highlights the activities of Marine Science Month on Guana (MSM) from 2009 to 2011, and the second describes the fabulous Science Week program we ran (with generous parental assistance) during MSM in 2010.  The latter includes a photo diary, copies of the teaching materials, and the kids’ final project.  I believe it will be of interest to everyone, including those parents whose children were not able to attend in 2010.  If there is continued enthusiasm, we would be very happy to put it on again this coming summer.

The MSM report describes what the scientific teams are doing—including 76 (!) new scientific publications relating to marine research on Guana, progress on reef restoration in White Bay, the recent Lionfish invasion, early warning signs of a possible collapse of BVI’s whelk populations, the way an incredibly abundant tiny tick-like parasite finds its host fishes on a coral reef, new records of worm snails from Guana, tiny shrimp living in giant anemones, and a new shrimp species named after Guana Island (Pseudalpheopsis guana).  The report also highlights our education and outreach activities, including community workshops, science week and visiting youth groups.

I hope you enjoy the reports, and PLEASE send me your comments, questions, desires (relating to MSM of course!), and anything else you feel to share ( :

Happy new year!


Lianna Jarecki, PhD
(506) 8984-2686


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