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Radio Teatros, Produced by OUTREACH TEAM of UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook for Latin Am. & Caribbean

Posted on September 18, 2010

Now this is a GREAT series of “radio-novelas” in Spanish, trying to make the lessons of the Global Environmental Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean (GEO-ALC) concrete in terms of the daily life of (mostly rural) residents of the region. These radio-teatros can all be downloaded, together with short discussion guides from the address given below . . .

All credit and many thanks to the GEO-ALC OUTREACH Team:

Alancay Morales
Anguie Bragado

and especially Ana Rosa Moreno of the Autonomous University of Mexico who worked with the production company ITZAM NA (headed by Martha Barrios ) for many months in Mexico City to produce this wonderful series.

All of this activity was carried out under the guidance and patient supervision of Silvia Giada, of the Division of Early Warning and Alert, Regional Office of the United Nations for Latin America and the Caribbean, in Panama.

Please use and disseminate as widely as possible.

Bruce Potter


> From: Ana Rosa Moreno
> Date: September 17, 2010 5:40:13 PM EDT
> Subject: Radio teatros en linea
> Estimad@s tod@s,
> Los radio teatros están finalmente en línea, en la página del GEO ALC:
> Favor de compartir el link con las personas que pueden estar > interesadas.
> Saludos atentos
> Ana Rosa Moreno

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