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Sunsetting Island Resources Foundation

Posted on June 18, 2016

As our members and well-wishers have already been informed, at the end of June, after 45 years of operation, Island Resources Foundation ceased operations. The two documents below represent our farewell letter, and Judith Towle’s narrative history of the Foundation

Here is the IRF Farewell Letter and here is the Narrative History written by Judith Towle — which is part of a larger history of the 20th century conservation movement in the Caribbean that Judith, who lived and worked through most of the key events at Island Resources Foundation, will be researching and writing in “retirement.” See the Farewell Letter for more about what other key actors in IRF are planning for the future.

Early reaction to news of the sunsetting of IRF was published in mid-June 2016 in the BVI Beacon, Here are downloadable copies of the Beacon’s front page story and editorial.

At the suggestion of a couple of associates we are making the COMMENTS section of this blog post available for anyone that wants to make a comment about the closing of the foundation. . . . and thanks.

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