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Judith Towle’s Remarks on Presenting the Tortola Environmental Profile

This is the presentation by Judith Towle, founding Vice President of Island Resources Foundation and Director of the four-island Environmental Profile Programme for the British Virgin Islands, ¬†as presented at the Tortola Profile Launch Ceremony in the J.R. O’Neal Botanic … [Read more]

Marine Science Month on Guana and the Kids Week Program

Lianna Jarecki has just distributed the two reports that follow, which should both be of interest to Island Resource Foundation’s members and supporters: Dear All,Please see the two reports attached. The first summarizes and highlights the activit… [Read more]

Videos and Blogs on KEW GARDEN Projects in the British Virgin Islands

We just uncovered links to the Kew Gardens web and blog sites that provide a lot of new (to us anyway!!) information about the Anegada characterization and census and technical skill training for conservation work in the BVI. [Read more]

Christmas Present for the British Virgin Islands: A New Cactus Species.

A new cactus species has been identified for the BVI. A columnar cactus, known scientifically as Stenocereus fimbriatus, has been recorded for the first time in the British Virgin Islands. [Read more]

Judith Towle’s Appreciation for the Dedication of the Dr. Edward L. Towle Island Systems Environmental Collection at HLSCC

On January 12th, the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College at Paraquita Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands held a major ceremony to commemorate the dedication of the College’s Caribbean Environmental reference collection at the Dr. Edward L. Towle Island Systems Environmental Collection. [Read more]