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New U Miami Acidification study shows added danger to already struggling coral reefs

A new study led by scientists at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science suggests that over the next century recruitment of new corals could drop by 73 percent, as rising CO2 levels turn the oceans more acidic. The research findings reveal a new danger to the already threatened Caribbean and Florida reef Elkhorn corals. [Read more]

Pilkey: Measures Needed to Protect Coasts in Face of Sea Level Rise

An international expert on beach replenishment offered advice for Delaware in the wake of last week’s nor’easter: Renourish the beaches this time to protect residents from the disaster of another storm but take more radical steps to prepare for future disasters. [Read more]

The Big Squeeze —

This abstract is from the Journal Watch blob of Conservation Magazine, the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology. [Read more]

"Coalmine canaries face extinction in fatal trap"

[The Sydney Morning Herald discusses the impacts of climate change on coastal and marine systems. I think this is an important element of the most important issue that small islands have to address: Restoration of coastal wetlands in the face of s… [Read more]