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GEOSS in the Americas Symposium::

::GEOSS in the Americas Symposium::. [Read more]

Coastal Caribbean: Isleta, Puerto Rico

Took this picture last week, flying back to San Juan from Tortola. Is this a tourism success, or what? [Read more]

Did FAO Get the Fish Catch Results in GoM Wrong?

Reanalysis shows the Gulf of Mexico fishery didn’t collapse after allIn great big letters…Measuring stuff is difficult, as a paper published this week in PNAS makes clear. [Read more]

Human Impacts on Oceans

Human activities have strongly impacted 41% of the world’s oceans and have left only about 4% of their surface area relatively pristine, according to the first-ever global map of human impact upon the oceans. [Read more]

It's the Coast, Stupid

THE UNIQUE QUALITY of small islands is a high ratio of coastal length to total land area (i.e., lots of coastline for a relatively small area). Coastal environmental processes are absolutely vital to marine ecosystems, and to the protection of ter… [Read more]

Reason #7,234: Why Democracy Never Works

Fisheries ministers of the 27 countries of the European Union had their traditional all-night pre-Christmas bargaining session on Tuesday night to assign catch quotas for the region’s beleaguered fisheries. [Read more]

Sperm Whales — Back from the Abyss, with David Attenborough

The series NATURE on public television has a new one-hour show about sperm whales: Sperm Whales — Back from the Abyss, with David Attenborough. The broadcast schedule on WETA in the Washington DC area is Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 8 p.m., and… [Read more]